трудности перевода...

туда и обратно… )


19.12.2013 в 12:09
FF x3 @ Alef
Меня как-то, помню, угораздило "Иронию судьбы" смотреть в субтитрами на английском, Так фильм назывался что-то типа "сауна блюз".
19.12.2013 в 12:21
Alef x0 @ FF
"мы с друзьями… каждый год… 31 декабря… ходим в баню…"
"…о! тепленькая пошла…"
19.12.2013 в 12:23
FF x3 @ Alef
да, а теперь в виде англ субтитров)
19.12.2013 в 12:37
Alef x0 @ FF
это имелось в виду пожелание "с лёгким паром!" :)

- Maybe I could go to the bathhouse anyway?
It won't do you any harm, If you will see in the New Year clean.
It's decided. I'll go take a bath.
A bath in every apartment - that's the way it should be.
This is civilization.
- Are you talking to me?
- Yes.
But the process of washing yourself, that in a bathhouse acquires
the meaning of a ceremonial ritual, In your bath at home
is just scraping off the dirt.
And then this Russian tradition of wishing "A light steam".
Here's a refill. Did you ever see steam in your bathroom at home?
Misha is right, a good bath makes you clean, body and soul.
It's great here, but I have to go.
No, you won't get away with that.
We're all waiting.
What are you waiting for?
Aren't we gonna drink to your engagement?
Here, in the bathhouse?
Zhenya is right.
They don't serve alcohol in a bathhouse.
If not for me, the situation would be hopeless.
There you go!
No, no, I can't.
Just one shot.
I have to go to the airport.
No sweat, guys!
Everyone has to be in shape.
Why don't we do it tomorrow!
At my place.
I'll introduce you to my wife.
Tomorrow I will be in Leningrad.
Go ahead, drink.
I wonder what you chose.
Not "what", but "who"!
That's terrible: Vodka after beer.
I'm just off a night shift…
There, here's a chocolate bar.
Something to chase it down with.
All right, just one shot.
Pavel, your toast.
You are the most eloquent of us.
- And you - the least intelligent.
- Thank you.
Here's a oast…
To Zhenya Lukashin.
No, seriously.
The most bashful one of us, who finally overcame his shyness and decided to get married.
The last one of us.
Zhenya, now the serious part.
Be happy!
- Be happy, Zhenya.
- This calls for a drink.
This is serious.
Listen, what's her name?
She has a beautiful name.
And what's more, an uncommon one.
Guys, we have no choice.
Here's to Galya!
To Galya bottoms up!
Galya, be happy!
You bastards!
I had a night shift…
Not cold enough!
Tell us how you met.
It's a long story.
She came to my outpatients clinic.
Is she sick?
She had a dislocation.
A kink! Well that explains why she is marrying you.
Let's drink to them both being healthy.
Where do you get those bottles from?
Put it away!
My wife asked me
to buy some for tonight.
If we go on at such pace, I have good chances
of missing my plane.
Pavel, trust me. I never get drunk.
Give me your ticket.
It's definitely bad for my health!
She'll think I'm an alcoholic!
That's unheard of!
A doctor refuses to drink to good health.
Why did I have to come here!
Now tell us how you met her.
Are you asking me? Who with?
Galya. Or is there someone else?
No, there's no one. I'm single.
- What to?
- Let's drink to bachelors.
To unmarried life! Hip-hip-hurrah!
You can't miss this one!
It's all the same to you!
But I can't imagine what's going to happen to me, if I maybe come home in time
to see in the New Year.
People, I have a very important toast.
You've had enough.
You're getting married, remember?
I haven't forgotten.

19.12.2013 в 12:39
FF x3 @ Alef
Galya, be happy!))))
19.12.2013 в 12:51
Alef x0 @ FF
I will explain everything.
You see, we have this tradition.
Every year on December 31 me
and my friends go to the bathhouse.
We wash ourselves.
It's been many years now.
After that Pavel was to go
to Leningrad.
And I was planning
on getting married.
To whom?
To whom?
That's not the point now.
In the bathhouse we had a drink.
To my fiancee, to me.
Are you an alcoholic?
No, I don't drink at all.
I drink tea, coffee, liquid yogurt,..
soft drinks, water…
19.12.2013 в 12:53
FF x3 @ Alef
напитки разные, "Байкал"…
19.12.2013 в 13:00
Alef x0 @ FF
what is mean: by call? череззвонок?
19.12.2013 в 13:43
FF x3 @ Alef
ну видимо да…посредством звонка
19.12.2013 в 14:40
Alef x0 @ FF
хорошо, если звонка )
19.12.2013 в 14:42
FF x3 @ Alef
ну для незвонка-то другое слово есть каловое…
19.12.2013 в 14:44
Alef x0 @ FF
by shit?
19.12.2013 в 14:45
FF x3 @ Alef
Ой, ну вы умный, сами придумаете…
19.12.2013 в 14:56
Alef x0 @ FF
может поэтому я всегда предпочитал пепси, а не байкал? :)
19.12.2013 в 15:03
FF x3 @ Alef
пижон..совецкие люди за байкал!
19.12.2013 в 15:06
Alef x0 @ FF
если в байкале такая вода, то я против загрязнения байкала )
19.12.2013 в 15:06
FF x3 @ Alef
хорошо, есть енйтральны
19.12.2013 в 15:07
FF x3 @ Alef
хорошо, есть нейтральный советский вариант тархун
19.12.2013 в 15:11
Alef x0 @ FF
дюшес, буратино, колокольчик, саяны, крем-сода )
19.12.2013 в 15:13
FF x3 @ Alef
Колокольчик..да…у моего школьного друга - папа военный, он почему-то очень любил покупать на дни рождения именно "колокольчик"..идет счастливыыыый, бутылок шесть несет))) а нам как бы …выпить бээ
19.12.2013 в 15:18
Alef x0 @ FF
и чо? спиртяшки немного плеснули в колокольчик и вперед! )
19.12.2013 в 15:23
FF x3 @ Alef
Да не..спирта не было…
19.12.2013 в 15:29
Alef x0 @ FF

19.12.2013 в 12:57
Klukva x8 @ Alef
А что не так с коровой? Она же полноприводная! И лошадь тоже полноприводная, со всеми блокировками.
19.12.2013 в 12:58
Alef x0 @ Klukva
да нет у них блокировок… даже вискомуфты нет )
19.12.2013 в 21:27
Klukva x8 @ Alef
Все, что нужно, у них есть! ))
19.12.2013 в 21:29
Alef x0 @ Klukva
это ты про вырезку? :)

19.12.2013 в 19:22
chuchelo x0 @ Alef
да.. жареная курица хороша с Василием..)))
19.12.2013 в 19:40
Alef x0 @ chuchelo
не въебитесь головой, Василий… :)
19.12.2013 в 19:52
chuchelo x0 @ Alef
да некоторые объявления и на русском выглядят интересно: "Ищите хорошего стоматолога?"…:(

19.12.2013 в 21:58
quest x0 @ Alef

Из всего копипаста,больше всех понравилась

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